The art collection that doesn’t collect art

At IBEX, we don’t collect art—we collect artists. Just like the best farmers do not grow crops: they grow soil, where crops grow like crazy!

That’s exactly what IBEX is about: We scout and vet today’s most outstanding and promising super-realist painters and invite them to join the world’s most supportive artistic ecosystem (as our artists have put it) where they can manifest their fullest potential.

Our Force is with you

So, what does the IBEX Ecosystem have to offer to our invited artists? In a nutshell: Finance, Feedback, Fun, and Force. Here’s what we mean by this.

Finance – In dialogue with the artist, we design a financial package that helps to set them free and take their art creation to the next level. A large downpayment on their next masterpiece, or a monthly stipend, and perhaps an investment in equipment. For most artists, finances are the number one or number two constraint to their artistic freedom, so we always get that out of the way first.

Fun – All three of us, IBEX Collectors, come from families where art appreciation and art collection were simply a part of life. We love taking our artists on trips from Tokyo to Rio to visit must-see exhibitions, experience new cultural stimuli, and meet with fellow IBEX artists on the other side of the globe. Fun, we have found, is truly key to forging connections and trust and to stimulating learning and growth.

Feedback – We cherish the freedom of our artists, but we do cautiously offer feedback on technique, subject matter, or artistic depth. Those appreciative inquiries and co-creating dialogues have proven helpful to uncovering new insights or setting new dots on the horizon. “It feels like we work with you, not for you”, we have been told. That’s exactly our goal. Our artists talk shop with one another as well of course.

Force – Yes, we are with you! We all bring a fair bit of expertise and experience in business management and entrepreneurship to the table, which enables us to offer our artists advice and support on strategic and practical levels, such as upgrading their websites and boosting their social media presence if they wish. Usually such help is warmly welcomed—and proven effective by our metrics. 

Freewheeling required

Some have called our type of patronage “matronage”, as our model and style are more relational than transactional, and regards the whole person (and even their family) rather than just the artist.

Leaving such interesting semantics aside, we notice that our model simply works. Our IBEX Master Painters have shown tremendous artistic growth, refining their techniques, exploring new subject matters, tinkering with 3D rendering to create unprecedentedly useful models to paint from, and so much more!

The business models (or cash flows) of most art galleries and art management companies would not allow for such “freewheeling”. At IBEX, though, experimentation is a key chromosome of our DNA, collectors and artists alike.

Unlike Google’s “20% innovation time off”, which got ditched as the company grew, we as IBEX Collectors are committed to keeping experimentation and artistic growth at the heart of our collection and community.

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