Over the last years the three IBEX Collectors have earned more flight miles than an average thirty people do over their lifetimes. They have reviewed literally thousands of artists and met with hundreds in all corners of the world on their quest to uncover the top super-realist contemporary figurative artists.

This experience has given the IBEX Collection an unparalleled expertise in their corner of the art-world.

As this expertise became more recognised, galleries around the world started approaching the Collection for suggestions on new artists.  It did not take long however to realize that in fact what the galleries wanted was access to outstanding paintings, not just artists.

From this realisation, the IBEX Selection was born. Hand-picked and curated examples of the finest works by extraordinary artists. The finest of their paintings, brought together by IBEX and made available to the clients of selected galleries through special events and exclusive shows.

Art gathered from around the world, highlighting unique cultures and experiences, exploring our common humanity, expressed through outstanding ultra-contemporary super-realist art pieces, produced by the finest figurative artists working today.

Through the IBEX Selection, IBEX is proud to support the artists it believes in by extending their market reach and putting them in front of significant galleries and other discerning collectors.


A heart for beauty

Art Center Horus in Sint-Martens-Latem is more than just an art gallery. It is a place where art comes optimally into its own in generous spaces with a great deal of light, in a tastefully furnished model apartment and in the attractive garden with a water feature and patio. The interior and the garden strengthen the artworks and vice versa. The binding element is a heart for beauty.

Pleasure to see

Today, Niña Van den Bosch works exclusively with artists in whom she believes a hundred percent. ‘Art is very personal. Authenticity and vitality, that is what it is about for me. A pleasure to see is the keyword. I love my artists and their work. And I happily pass that love to other people.’

The great thing about Art Center Horus is how art, interior and garden come together in one harmonious whole. ‘A beautiful work of art gives added value to an interior, just as in reverse, a tasteful interior lets an artwork come better into its own. In the garden, I show how sculptures can make the difference. But I also enjoy going to people’s homes to give advice about how they can best integrate a work of art into their interior or their garden.’

The power to inspire

Next to the gallery in Sint-Martens-Latem, Art Center Horus also has a permanent spot on the Zeedijk in Knokke. ‘That way, I can give my artists the best opportunities’, says Niña Van den Bosch. ‘I invest in them because they deserve that. I want to put them on the map, internationally as well. Each artist has his own voice, his own palette. But what they share is their humanity, their authenticity and the power to inspire. That is also what makes their art so beautiful and so valuable.’


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