Nobuyuki Shimamura


Born in Saitama, Japan (1965)


Lives and works in Saitama, Japan


Permanent Collection: Hoki Museum.


2014 “Contemporary Figurative Painting Exhibition”, Tokyo, Japan.

Nobuyuki’s paintings are masterpieces of ethereal beauty, where skin tones glow golden under stunningly beautiful sunshine. His figures draped in translucent fabrics of incredible detail, have almost become his trademark.

Almost all of his paintings feature reclining figures, either sleeping or staring thoughtfully, sometimes wistfully, into the distance.

A very kind, pure genuine and very authentic Japanese artist. Good at all sorts of handy work and not good at technology. One of the top figurative artists in Japan. Long waiting list to get his work and every piece he does is sold years before completion. Lives near the ocean, which takes around one and a half hours by car from Tokyo.

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