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Jeong HaeKwang

Oil on canvas       



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In his Masterpiece, Samsara, Jeong HaeKwang portrays his muse of ten years floating in mid-air. In fact, as is readily visible from all of the gravitational indicators pointing upward, this work is the upside-version of the original portrait image. The artist applied this rotation to highlight the rapidly changing role and position of women in Korean society today.⁣ ⁣

Where Korean women used to sacrifice themselves to the future of their children in the country’s notoriously competitive educational and career tracks, the young generation of women are coming into their own, building lives that satisfy their passions and realize their dreams. The model here is a case in point: mom, pole dancer and race car driver rolled into one happy life. ⁣

Several key elements and aspects in this work speak to this rebirth of the Korean woman, so to speak. The water on top evidently stands for the oceans within and without: the sea and the womb–the one word: life, as well as flow and effortless interaction and creation. The rotation of the work points to the cyclical nature of the processes in human history (as we’re witnessing it at the moment) and indeed of life itself. We rise and fall, learn to walk and become frail and immobile again. Trees grow and topple. And Korean women are turning into floating, flying, freely-moving beings, one of whom we can see in this work. Just wait until she opens her eyes and becomes fully aware of the endless possibilities in this world, her world.