The masterpiece collection


Philipp Weber


Oil on canvas



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Philipp Weber is truly a master of color, meaning the colors he formulates are stunningly close to how they appear in reality. This didn’t happen overnight for Philipp. He began painting at just five years old and even bought his first car, as a teenager, with his earnings from his art. This hard work led Philipp to obtain his undergraduate degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel, Germany and his MFA at one of the top universities in Berlin. Philipp is a rigorous planner and highly-organized, which shows in his larger-than-life masterworks.

In this enigmatic work, Morning Dew, Philipp Weber throws us into a scene of a story unknown and unexplained to us. Our interpretation, or imagination, will depend on our personality, patterns and mood at the moment we view this piece of art. ⁣Is this woman alive or dead? Was it her wedding day? Why is she lying on the ground? Everybody can make up a story and there would be no right or wrong. ⁣What’s your story for this painting?