The masterpiece collection


Hubert de Lartigue

Acrylic on canvas⁣      



2-1 5-2 5-3 3-3 3-2 3-1

Hubert de Lartigue’s pieces explore modern sex semiotics, often combined with the feel of vintage-style posters. Despite the challenge inherent in the use of such a fastidious tool as an airbrush, Hubert’s creative genius and intuitive skill produce acrylic portraits that are absolutely captivating in their intensity and aliveness. His portraits capture not just the appearance of his subjects, but provide insight into the depth of their personalities.

What a party with such glorious strength and diversity. Eighteen women of varying shapes and shades looking us directly in the eye, from their comfort zone; curious, cautious. Skeptical, gentle. Resolute, amused. These eighteen women are all previous models that have posed for Hubert’s works in the past. Throughout his career, Hubert has always treated every model with the utmost courtesy, welcoming them with flowers as they arrive for their posing session and attending to their every need throughout. No wonder, these women feel cherished and respected, even developing a friendship with Hubert; and sometimes each other – long after their posing session. ⁣

The posing session for Hubert’s IBEX Masterpiece was a joyful reunion and one with the women in charge. They decided what to wear (only dress code being white) or what not to wear, what to cover or reveal (both of their bodies and inner worlds). They decided the composition of the group portrait–and Hubert photographed them as they saw fit. ⁣

It’s hard to find sexuality or eros in this work. No seduction or shyness or awareness of a judging male gaze. No purposeful self-assertion, either. They simply are – themselves; scars and all. The treatment of light and shadow, skin tone and details such as facial features, skin, hair and jewelry has been executed with tangible care and mature mastery and captures their calm mood and sisterhood.

In addition to this being a stunningly beautiful work, this is also the largest Masterpiece in the IBEX Collection! ⁣