Li Gui Jun


Born in Beijing, China (1964)


Lives and works in Beijing, China


Permanent Collection: China National Museum of Fine Arts.


Permanent Collection: Shanghai Art Museum.


Permanent Collection: The Burgers Collection in Hong Kong.

Li is amongst the foremost painters in China and his works regularly achieve impressive auction results.

For the last twenty years he has painted only adolescent girls of Chinese background. Sitting between childhood and adulthood, they exist in a pure and loving dreamland. Their futures are full of promise and dreams of happiness.

The beauty of his paintings come from a very detailed process and are the result of a lot of planning and work. Unusually, he starts from the head down, leaving the background until last. Some of the techniques that he uses have been borrowed from the great Masters of the past, such as Rembrandt for the formula he uses to render skin tones.

One of the main 1st generation contemporary Chinese realist artists. Very well educated and thoughtful artist. Loves wine and cigars. Kind, well mannered and sophisticated artist.

Most of the days he comes to his studio at 10am and goes home at 5:00pm and runs 5kms a day. A hard worker and determined. Beautiful studio, perfect for entertaining wealthy collectors.

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