Kiki Kim


“It’s thrilling to work with today’s superrealist master painters that far outdo many of the Old Masters in terms of technique and themes, and introduce them to colleagues, curators, and connoisseurs in East and West.”

Each morning in her Korean childhood home, Kiki would wake up early to prepare in traditional fashion the black ink for her renowned Grandfather to use for his Chinese calligraphy and painting that day—a memory that she fondly cherishes.

Fast forward a few decades, and Kiki is one of the top experts globally on contemporary super-realistic painters, clocking hundreds of thousands of airborne kilometers per year to scout super-realistic master painters, often reclusively laboring in their studios, oblivious of the world, and the world oblivious of them, unfortunately. Until Kiki comes along…

Kiki was introduced to Albrecht at an art exhibition as the multilingual global citizen with a keen eye for art who could help open doors for him in Asia to find superb super-realistic paintings and their makers, who are often invisible to the Western world.

Soon after, they visited the studio of an artist in China. Faced with the exquisite beauty and innocence evident in his oil paintings, Kiki knew that there was nothing she’d love doing more than finding, enabling, and exhibiting hidden masters like him. She joined Albrecht as his full-time co-collector.

Fluent in Chinese, Korean, and English, Kiki is a living bridge between East and West and she loves connecting “her” artists to the world, dragging them out of their studios to attend exhibitions and meet fellow painters and critics to stir up their concepts and creativity.

Kiki holds degrees in Communications and in Interpretation as well as an MSc in Audiology. Born in South Korea, she lived in Australia for fifteen years and Taiwan for nine years, and recently relocated to Germany. The world is her oyster, with soy sauce or vinaigrette, depending on where she happens to be.