Joining the Collection 

See if we are right for you, and get in touch if we are


As a collection we are focused exclusively on artists who depict the human figure in a super-realistic fashion. If you are spending less than two months on a small piece (80cm by 80cm for example), it is unlikely that your work will be fine enough for us. We are also only interested in artists whose commentary inherent in their work is contemporary. Whilst potentially beautiful, we are not interested in works that simply replicate styles and works of the past.


Other than the above, we do not care about where you live, where you come from, your gender, sexuality, career status etc. In deciding whether we will collect you, we care only about your art – if you fit the artistic criteria we are interested in, then we will let you know and look at arranging a visit to your studio.

If you do not fit our criteria, we will try to let you know why we think that.Why do you think that you are a good fit for our collection?