IBEX Collection Launches Giclee Fine-Art Print Series

Presenting inaugural reproductions from graphite drawing Master Emanuele Dascanio

Augsburg/New York, 25 November 2019—IBEX Collection, the world’s largest active private collection of figurative, super-realist art, has launched a limited-edition series of Giclee reproductions of works by its IBEX Masters. The two inaugural prints – Ouroboros and The Father – are recent graphite drawings from the oeuvre of Emanuele Dascanio, Italian-born artist known for his finely detailed, powerful portraits and mythological works. They are now available in the IBEX online store (https://ibex-masters.com/store/).

Dascanio’s first print Ouroboros presents an unusual depiction of the eponymous cyclical principle of the world, in the form of three female figures (and a fourth hidden one), while his second print The Father depicts not just the father Dascanio has barely known, but his father-figured muse, raising in-depth reflections about inheritance, psychology of connection and the essence of creativity.  “You don’t make good art. Good art makes you,” claims Dascanio.

David Willson, IBEX Executive Director: ‘We are excited and humbled, that Emanuele has chosen to collaborate with us for his first release of top reproductions. It has been a labor of love working together over the last six-months on the best papers, inks and images to ensure the highest quality. We’re all proud of the results, and happy that others around the world will also be able to experience the joy of owning a piece by Emanuele’.

Emanuele Dascanio, graphite and charcoal drawing artist:

‘It’s an honor for me to be the first IBEX Master to have my works printed in this series. Ouroboros and The Father have a long story behind, and I’m thrilled. All of that couldn’t be possible without the incredible effort of IBEX team – serious, respectable dreamers and actual builders of the future.”

Top quality of Giclee printing

KiKi Kim, IBEX Chief Curator: ‘Under the rigorous Giclee fine-art printing process, our reproductions are meticulously color-tested and printed on archival pigments with the longest-known lifespan on 100% cotton-based, acid-free paper that won’t de-color or go brittle. The prints are produced by Pure Fine Arts, the renowned fine-art printing house in Munich, Germany’.

The entire printing process was overseen by Emanuele Dascanio himself along with IBEX founding chairman Albrecht von Stetten, whose prominent Augsburg family was involved in the first operation of a Gutenberg press outside Mainz, home of the modern press, as the Gutenbergs and von Stettens were closely connected patrician families.

Gold features at a Silver price, just for now

As an inaugural gesture, all prints of this limited 200-piece run will be signed by Dascanio. In the future, the IBEX Online Store will feature a tiered offering of Bronze, Silver, and Gold reproductions in a price range from a few hundred to several thousand US dollars apiece. Prints at the Bronze price point after these two inaugural prints will be un-signed open runs, while the Silver and Gold prints will be limited editions, issued only once in 7 years: featuring artist signatures and artist-embellished at the highest level.

Tagsmart DNA Tags

All IBEX Prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity by Tagsmart, the London-based company specializing in the prevention of forgery in art. These certificates host multiple proprietary security features, while the tamper-proof DNA Tags carry unique TagIDs that can be verified against the Tagsmart database. The provable authenticity and documented provenance will ease future transactions (and help support price levels).

The inaugural prints are now exclusively available at the IBEX Online Store. Early birds may have the prints hanging on their wall before Christmas. The store also offers advice to keep one’s art treasure in optimal condition. https://ibex-masters.com/store/

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