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Wang Xiao Bo

  • Born in Beijing, China (1974)
  • Lives and works in Beijing, China


  • 2012 Art Beijing
  • 2003 15th Sydney Biennale

Born in 1974 and working out of a beautiful studio space in his home in Beijing, Xiaobo is a deeply intellectual, empathetic, and multi-faceted person. This depth is reflected in the variety of his artwork.

While in his early career he focused on robust semi-nudes in awkward poses reminiscent of Lucien Freud, in recent years he has dedicated himself to capturing moments in the course of intimate relationships.

In his ‘Two Person World’ OR ‘World of Duos series, Xiaobo endeavors to document the emotions of couples at various stages in their relationships with as much precision and authenticity as possible.

He shows only their bodies sitting side by side to focus the viewer’s attention on their body language, arguably people’s most revealing and honest language. Bands of transparent color woven across these pictures help convey the complexity of their emotions. Most of his models for this series are friends of his.

In contrast to those small and personal worlds, Xiaobo’s inquisitive mind has also been grappling with global issues and change—from air quality and the young generation in his native China to climate change and the challenges of automation around the world.

Using a completely different style, although still recognizably his, Xiaobo has been expressing his views on those bigger issues in powerful pieces that are being avidly collected largely outside China, in Hong Kong and London.

Born to professors at Beijing University, Xiaobo was raised a gentleman artist. Besides painting and a wide in interest in arts and social affairs, he has a passion for fine Chinese teas.