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Osamu Obi

  • Born in Kanagawa, Japan (1965)
  • Lives and works in Saitama-ken, Japan


  • 2015 Solo exhibition, Gallery Suchi, Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2007 KIAF 2007, Shunpudo Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.
  • 1991 Exhibition of Grand Prize Paintings (awarded Grand Prize), Tokyo Central Museum, Japan.

Osamu is drawn to elements that suggest the unseen: the mark of someone’s touch; a scratch that remains; a wall that is aging even as it stands as a silent witness.
These things exist in the moment but point to a past and change as they move into the future.

It is this feeling of constant transformation that fascinates Osamu and that he strives to capture on canvas—in turn leaving his own marks on time.

A reflective artist, Osamu enjoys finding ways to represent the past, present, and future on one canvas at the same time, as a reflection of the fleeting nature of life and our shallow understanding of it. Yet his works retain a light and warm quality.

A Kanagawa native, Osamu completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in oil painting at Musashino Art University in western Tokyo, one of the leading art universities in Japan. After establishing himself as an artist, Osamu returned as a lecturer to his alma mater, where he teaches to this day.

Even with his encyclopedic knowledge of art, he remains a voracious reader and an eager student of the arts, always pursuing new knowledge and novel perspectives to inform his own approaches in painting and teaching.