Hae-Kwang Jeong

  • Born in Seoul, Korea (1963)
  • Lives and works in Seoul, Korea


  • 2014 Special exhibition with Cho YoungNam, Lee Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
  • 2013 Ahn Jung-Geun Exhibition in Harbin, China and Seoul, South Korea.

Hae-Kwang’s paintings are firmly rooted in realism and possess a vivid emotional power and sometimes sensuous flair. His works are modern yet have a warm and human feeling.

Interested in the commercialism, materialism, social issues and the role of women in contemporary Korean society, Hae-Kwang discusses narcissism and communication in his works, which sometimes playfully upend time and space in modern vernacular. A thoughtful person, he is hopeful in his outlook.

Hae-Kwang studied Western and Korean painting at the College of Fine Art, Chung-Ang University. His works have been exhibited at dozens of art exhibitions across Asia, from Seoul and Singapore to Taipei and Tokyo, as well as on the other end of the Eurasian continent, in St. Petersburg and Madrid.

Hae-Kwang and his wife, who is also an artist, are both generous teachers and actively involved in the Korean and Asian art communities.