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Emanuele Dascanio

  • Born in Garbagnate Milanese, Italy (1983)
  • Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia


  • 2015 Solo exhibition: “On threshold of light”, Maimeri Foundation.
  • 2014 Group exhibition IV Edition of the “Month of Italian Culture and Language”, YCM-Yacht Club Monaco, Principality of Monaco.

Indisputably the most accomplished graphite artist in the world, Emanuele views his drawings as a symphony, where all the dots and lines interact to form an image and a message from the depth of his soul.

This Italian artist, who now works and lives in Belgrade after years in Berlin, regards himself as a “creator” who reads and writes, and dabbles in music and painting, which all feeds into his greatest passion and talent: graphite drawing, an art form in which we think he is literally second to none.

 Inquisitive and curious like a child (but with a wisdom beyond his age), Emanuele never tires of studying and trying out new techniques. Yet, he is laser-focused on drawing in charcoal and graphite on paper, his media of choice.

From his apprentice days in the Bergamo studio of Gianluca Corona until this day, he has clocked up over 50,000 hours perfecting his art—and perfect it is: arresting black-and-white portraits with intensely speaking eyes and the occasional full-color still life with an unexpected power to enthrall the viewer.

Even though his hyperrealist works require almost medieval amounts of painstaking labor (upward of 700 hours a piece is no exception), they have a decidedly contemporary feel: his subjects are often wise men or pensive women that you may encounter in the street, in the forest—or in your dreams for that matter, because they tend to have a whiff of magic and mystery about them.

Emanuele’s research and introspective personal style keeps evolving and is constantly in the process of redefining what graphite and charcoal drawing represents today.

Emanuele’s art is slowly and intensely made and is best savored in the same way.