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Dino Valls

  • Born in Saragossa, Spain (1959)
  • Lives and works in Madrid, Spain


  • Permanent Collection: Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno-MEAM, Barcelona (Spain); Frissiras Museum, Athens.
  • 2006 – Solo exhibition: Psicostasia, Galleria Il Polittico, Roma (Italy)
  • 2017 – 7th BEIJING INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE, Beijing (China).
  • 2018 – COLOGNE FINE ART Fair 2018, with Galerie 100Kubik, Cologne (Germany).
  • 2019 – Contemporary Spanish Realism – MEAM, HOKI MUSEUM, Chiba-Tokyo (Japan).

Over 4 years ago the IBEX Masters project made a secret offer to Dino Valls, one of the preeminent figures in super-realistic figurative art, to paint his personal Masterpiece for a unique one painting exhibition.

Dino is one of the most unique artists the collection has met, across any artistic discipline, and so he isn’t a traditional IBEX Master. We believe that Dino’s incredible Masterpiece and depth of thought can only be done justice in a unique exhibition dedicated to his Masterpiece – which we look forward to unveiling in the future.

Dino’s roots are in medicine, even obtaining his license as a surgeon. However, during his education Dino grew fascinated with his medical textbooks, more specifically the human figures within. Choosing to channel this passion into art, Dino left behind over 6 years of education to become an artist. 

Dino’s works are about exploring the innermost workings of his mind, venturing into the depths of his brain in order to create striking masterpieces. Conceptual art would perhaps be a better descriptor for Dino’s art, which is all created only from his mind, using no photographic references or live models.

Despite the intense and serious nature of his art, Dino is affable and family-oriented when not working, enjoying time with his family over boardgames or billiards and ever enjoying the company of a good book.

Dino’s artistic career has been long and successful, though not without its fair share of critics, like all good artists. Especially in the U.S., due to the difficult nature of his art Dino faces a great deal of pushback.  Dino responds to such criticisms with good humor, describing his art as a Rorschach test, where people only see what they carry within them.