Emanuele Dascanio


Born in Garbagnate Milanese, Italy (1983)


Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia


2015 Solo exhibition: “On threshold of light”, Maimeri Foundation.


2014 Group exhibition IV Edition of the “Month of Italian Culture and Language”, YCM-Yacht Club Monaco, Principality of Monaco.

Emanuele is indisputably the most accomplished graphite artist in the world, in no small part owing to the 50,000 hours he spent perfecting his art during his days as a driven apprentice in the Bergamo studio of Gianluca Corona to the celebrated and generous maestro he is today.

Working with charcoal and graphite, Emanuele creates stunningly lifelike works, many of them portraits with intensely speaking eyes. One piece may take upwards of 700 hours to complete.

His pieces have an unmistakable renaissance quality to them, especially in their treatment of illumination, reflecting his early training in the oil techniques of the old renaissance masters by Italian painter Gianluca Corona, himself a student of the great Mario Donizetti. This makes Emanuele a direct heir of renaissance traditions and secrets of the trade.

Emanuele never tires of studying artistic techniques and searching for continuous improvement of his expressive capabilities to develop his personal style, which ranges from superbly classic to decidedly contemporary in its subjects and settings.

In 2018, Emanuele cohosted a four-day workshop with tattoo legend Max Ghostar, where he taught hyper-realistic drawing to the world’s finest tattoo artists.

Emanuele explores the world with the curiosity of a child tempered by the experience of a man. His paintings reflect the boundless curiosity and energy Emanuele brings to every day.

The true complexity of Emanuele’s work unfolds when slowly studied, revealing ever more nuanced detail the further one examines and engages with each gripping painting.

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