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Press Release – Don’t Delete Art

International Coalition Launches Virtual Gallery of Art Censored by Social Media 5/19/2020 New York, NY– On May 19, 2020, an international coalition of arts and free expression organizations, including the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC), IBEX Collection, Article19, PEN America’s Artists at Risk Connection (ARC), International Arts Rights Advisors, and Freemuse, launched Don’t Delete Art, […]

IBEX Collection Launches Giclee Fine-Art Print Series

Presenting inaugural reproductions from graphite drawing Master Emanuele Dascanio Augsburg/New York, 25 November 2019—IBEX Collection, the world’s largest active private collection of figurative, super-realist art, has launched a limited-edition series of Giclee reproductions of works by its IBEX Masters. The two inaugural prints – Ouroboros and The Father – are recent graphite drawings from the oeuvre of Emanuele Dascanio, […]

IBEX Matronage: The ‘Slow’ Art Patronage for the 21st Century

IBEX Collection supports artists and fosters creation of great super-realist art Significant innovations in the practice of art collection are few and far between. In recent years, though, the IBEX Collection has built a credible claim due to its uniquely crafted “matronage model”. It’s a new type of slow patronage specially customized for the contemporary super-realist paintings […]

The Art Collection that Doesn’t Collect Art

At IBEX, we don’t collect art—we collect artists. Just like the best farmers do not grow crops: they grow soil, where crops grow like crazy! That’s exactly what IBEX is about: We scout and vet today’s most outstanding and promising super-realist painters and invite them to join the world’s most supportive artistic ecosystem (as our […]

“I Got My Freedom Back”

Long-term art patronage the IBEX way Autumn 2015. Italian graphite drawer Emanuele Descanio picks up a call in his studio. An unknown voice with a German accent says: “Albrecht von Stetten here. I’ve just discovered your work, and I absolutely love it. Mind if I drop by tomorrow?” Next noon, a black Lamborghini pulls to […]

The 50 Selection Criteria of the IBEX Collection

We as IBEX Collectors often get asked: How do you decide which artists to invite to join your collection and community? The short answer is: It’s part art, part craft. We have a set of about 50 criteria that we consider, broken down across six categories, ranging from demographic, predictive, anticipated returns, technical proficiency, to […]

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