The IBEX Collection is a staunch advocate against censorship, especially of course, when it relates to the stifling of artistic expression and is a member of the Don’t Delete Art coalition.

IBEX is a very international collection, with works by artists from all over the world. IBEX is very active within the general super-realistic figurative art space, an area of the art world that is the most often subjected to censorship.

Of particular concern to us is the constant censorship of figurative artworks on social media platforms, which now form the major method by which collectors connect with artists. This censorship appears to take place solely to pander to a conservative religious vocal-minority of society, who wish to impose their disgust for the human body on the rest of society.This censorship occurs constantly, despite published community guidelines on the major social media platforms that explicitly allows photographs of paintings

This censorship is always accompanied with threats of account banning, and often actually results in banning of accounts and the far more insidious shadow-banning of accounts, whereby the social media firms do not notify an artist that they are now hiding their posts from their followers and potential audience. 

The result of this is the stifling of artistic expression and the production of works of art that are designed not for authentic artistic purposes, but to try to avoid banning when shown on social media

Graphite Drawing by Emanuele Dascanio.

Repeatedly banned from posts, advertising and sales by FaceBook and Instagram for its ‘Sexually explicit content’.

Images, ironically, removed from Facebook Messenger direct messages, for failing to meet ‘community guidelines’

IBEX is a founding member and funder of the Don’t Delete Art movement.