Albrecht von Stetten


“I always wanted to be an artist but obligations to our family’s business got in the way for a few decades. Now, I’ve finally come home to my natural habitat, the art world—as a personal patron of artists and an art collector.”

Born into a southern-German aristocratic family, Albrecht grew up in a converted monastery, surrounded by medieval and renaissance art. He had to put his artist’s dreams on hold to run the family’s farms, which he quietly turned into one of Europe’s largest agricultural conglomerates.

After selling off much of the business in 2013, his life was a clean canvas again—and so were his empty walls. So he returned to his boyhood’s passion by buying art, which shifted gear when he met Kiki and decided to work with her to jointly build and curate a world-leading collection of super-realistic, figurative, contemporary art.

A watershed conversation with an artist one night in Spain opened his eyes to the grim reality of the art world, which almost guarantees that true masterpieces never see the light of day—a pain to the artists and a regrettable loss to humankind.

On the spot, Albrecht promised to fund this artist for as long as it would take to bring out his masterpiece. This took longer than expected (years rather than months), but the experience with this artist and a handful of others led to the IBEX Masters model that liberates, on so many levels, the most amazing superrealistic painters alive today.

When he is not traveling with his co-collectors Kiki and David to meet with artists and curators around the globe, Albrecht enjoys driving and hiking through the rolling hills of Bavaria, his home, and tops it off with one of his favorite Bavarian beers.