23rd June 2020 – 5pm London Time

IBEX Master Emanuele Dascanio and IBEX Co-collector, David Willson, will be hosting a free two-hour Zoom session for 50 people, discussing and providing tools to think about the creative process

Emanuel Dascanio is one of the best-known graphite artists working in the world today.

David Willson is a former global technologist, professor and entrepreneur, who is now one of the three Collectors behind the IBEX Collection.

In this meeting David and Emanuele will discuss and try to provide you with a framework for thinking about the artistic creative process and to have a community discussion around the development of great new artistic ideas.

This discussion is in no way limited to the generation of ideas for super-realistic art and it is our hope that this will be of interest to creatives of all sorts.

The first 50 people to signup using the form below will receive an invitation to this Zoom meeting.

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