IBEX Master, Gabriel Picart, with IBEX Collector, David Willson at Carcassonne, December 2019

10th June 2020 – 5pm London Time

Feedback is necessary to growth, whether feedback from others or to yourself (self-reflection) constructive criticism can help you to find the path forward. Providing constructive feedback to others and understanding how to evaluate feedback that you in return receive, is critical to building sustained success. In this workshop, IBEX Collector, David Willson, and IBEX Master, Gabriel Picart will explore the research and provide you with concrete tools to both provide and receive criticism in the most positive way possible.

In this workshop, learn how to give and receive criticism to build on your own work and help others to better theirs.

This discussion is in no way limited to the generation of ideas for super-realistic art and it is our hope that this will be of interest to creatives of all sorts.

The first 50 people to signup using the form below will receive an invitation to this Zoom meeting.

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