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“Capturing micro-expression requires the highest level of technical skill, but also a still mind, and freedom from time pressure.”

From birth, humans are wired to observe the micro-expressions in other people’s faces to read their thoughts and emotions—sadness lurking behind a brave smile, for instance. Besides self-awareness, this understanding of others is key to human-to-human connections.

Our thesis is that only artists with sharp observation, a keen understanding of human nature, and superb painting skill can notice, process, and express the micro-expressions of their subjects.

Capturing micro-expression requires the highest level of technical skill, but also a still mind, and freedom from time pressure.

This is why our collection supports artists of proven technical skill and gives them the financial means, time, and mental space to create deeply meaningful works that capture all it means to be human.

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Over the last years the three IBEX Collectors have earned more flight miles than an average thirty people do over their lifetimes. They have reviewed literally thousands of artists and met with hundreds in all corners of the world on their quest to uncover the top super-realist contemporary figurative artists.

This experience has given the IBEX Collection an unparalleled expertise in their corner of the art-world.

As this expertise became more recognised, galleries around the world started approaching the Collection for suggestions on new artists.  It did not take long however to realize that in fact what the galleries wanted was access to outstanding paintings, not just artists.

From this realisation, the IBEX Selection was born. Hand-picked and curated examples of the finest works by extraordinary artists. The finest of their paintings, brought together by IBEX and made available to the clients of selected galleries through special events and exclusive shows.

Art gathered from around the world, highlighting unique cultures and experiences, exploring our common humanity, expressed through outstanding ultra-contemporary super-realist art pieces, produced by the finest figurative artists working today.

Through the IBEX Selection, IBEX is proud to support the artists it believes in by extending their market reach and putting them in front of significant galleries and other discerning collectors.



“The IBEX artists’ exhaustive methods are a direct affront to the often-slapdash images and objects rampant in today’s consumerist celebrity-driven market.”

Luxury Magazine, New York

“I would venture to say that their works, each a brilliant representation of the kind of figurative art that turned heads back in the 1500s, are also destined to make real history in the art world with a modern-day Renaissance of their own.”

Venu Magazine, New York & Miami

“The IBEX Collection offers direct patronage to selected artists based on their technical skills, granting them the opportunity to paint their personal masterpieces without any time, financial or subject constraints.”

Robb Report, Singapore

“Co-owned by three collectors with a passion for art and artists, the collection features works by carefully selected master painters versed in the intricate art of rendering micro-expressions that capture human emotion.”

Intelligentsia Journal, New York

“Besides providing financial support and artistic freedom, represented artists are given as much time as they need with their works. So painters, such as Italian-based Marco Grassi, can perfect every stubble or wrinkle and make a painting ‘come alive’.”

Lifestyle Asia, Singapore 


“Fine Art Connoisseur congratulates von Stetten, Kim and Willson on their achievement and hopes the success of the IBEX initiative will inspire other collectors (working in teams or independently) to pursue a similar model in other areas of realism.”

Fine Art Connoisseur, New York

“This story is not strange if it was in the age when royal families were patrons of the arts, but now, it is a dream-like story.”

Gekkanbijutsu Art Magazine, Tokyo