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Working with artists from around the world to ensure tomorrow’s Masterworks are being created and preserved.  

Welcome to IBEX

IBEX is unlike any other art collection in the world, on the right is a list of the questions we get asked most frequently, to help you get acquainted with us. 

What makes IBEX unique?
We are the largest active private collection of contemporary, figurative, super-realist paintings in the world.
Why contemporary, figurative, super-realist art?
Our thesis is that only artists with sharp observation, a keen understanding of human nature, and superb painting skill can notice, process, and express the micro-expressions of their subjects.
Why not just take a photo?
Anyone that has seen a super-realistic painting up close, will have felt the difference from a photo. The energy and the emotional impact are incomparable and can move the viewer deeply.
Who is behind IBEX?
3 co-collectors come from a 3 continents, with a background of business and academia. Click here to learn more about the collectors.
How can I be a part of the collection?
We are focused exclusively on artists who depict the human figure in a super-realistic fashion. If you are spending less than two months on a small piece (80cm by 80cm for example), it is unlikely that your work will be fine enough for us. Click here for more information.

What is IBEX?

The IBEX Collection is the largest active private collection of contemporary, figurative, super-realist paintings in the world.

Owned by three individuals with a passion for art and artists, the collection is composed of paintings by carefully selected master painters versed in the intricate art of capturing human micro-expressions and creating authentic and moving works of art that speak of human nature, the human condition, and human connection.

Artists in collection

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Latest Exhibitions


This exhibition presents selected works created by the world’s leading super-realistic figurative painters alive and working today. Though super-realistic in the representation of their subject matter, many paintings emanate a surreal or magical atmosphere that will mesmerize the viewer. 


This world premiere of Master Links, smaller satellite paintings that revolve around the Masterpieces (10 m2 and up) they are connected to. The Masterpieces, some still in progress, have each spawned two Master Links that are now brought together for the first time from studios of our painters around the world.


Our IBEX Master Painters have recently had preview exhibitions in Hong Kong and Singapore and soon in the U.S., so do check them out online or In Real Life. Meantime, we’ll keep you posted on IBEX art news in between now and the big bang slated for New York in springtime 2020!

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“I got my freedom back”

“I got my freedom back”

Long-term art patronage the IBEX way Autumn 2015. Italian graphite drawer Emanuele Descanio picks up a call in his studio. An unknown voice with a German accent says: “Albrecht von Stetten here. I’ve just discovered your work, and I absolutely love it. Mind if I...

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